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We are a team of highly skilled and experienced event professionals who can create sophisticated technical solutions and deliver your event in the most professional and reliable manner.

Our primary focus is the guest experience, whether on-site or online, anywhere in the world. We are here to help and support you with all your challenges. 

Our Services



    You have an idea and a goal for your event, and we’re happy to put all our experience and passion into helping you achieve it. 

    Strategic thinking makes the difference between a short-term event and the long-term successful and consistent use of technology. 



    Turning functional setups and ideas into tangible concepts for all the senses is our passion.

    3D drawings and visualisations are as much a part of our toolkit as acoustic simulations, both serving the same purpose: to create a unique guest experience at your event or installation. 


    A well-balanced and approved process chain for the entire planning process allows us to adjust almost any detail at most stages of a planning period.

    A high level of integration between technical drawings, provision of technical solutions and cost monitoring is the key to reliable and efficient design. 



    A professional on-site implementation, based on all the previous tasks, is what finally brings your event to life.

    Our operations teams will handle your event in the most professional manner, taking into account technical functionality, health and safety regulations, as well as any local venue or cultural requirements. 

    Our Team

    Norbert Frank

    Norbert Frank

    General Manager and Head of  Project Management

    Raffaela Feyrer

    Raffaela Feyrer

    Production and General Manager Assistance

    Dex Smith

    Dex Smith

    Sales and Customer Relation

    Sebastian Saupe

    Sebastian Saupe

    Head of Audio and CAD Operations

    Felix Schauerte

    Felix Schauerte

    Head of IT Operations


    Chris Kuss

    Head of Audio-Visual Operations

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